Vuonna 2013 perustettu puu- ja pellettilämmitteinen yleinen sauna.

AUKI heinäkuun ajan: KE–SU klo 16–20

(kylpyaika klo 21 saakka)

Saunominen ainoastaan ennakkovarauksella. Varaa sauna-aikasi alla olevan varauskalenterin avulla. Sauna-aika max. 90 min.

A public sauna established in 2013 with a wood-heated single-fired mass stove.

OPEN during July: WED–SUN 4 pm–8 pm

(Last booking at 19:50)

Pre-booking is mandatory. Use the booking system below to reserve an available time slot. Bathing time max. 90 min.


Voit tehdä saunavarauksen puoleksitoista tunniksi yhdelle henkilölle. Yhdelle päivälle voi varata yhden vuoron. Varauskalenteri avautuu kaksi viikkoa etukäteen. Saunavaraus maksetaan paikan päälle saavuttaessa kassalla.

Use this form to reserve a 90 min slot at the sauna for one person. You may only book one sauna per day, two weeks in advance. Bookings are paid at the sauna upon arrival.

V A R A A  / B O O K

Saunavuoro on 90 min. Voit varata yhdelle päivälle yhden vuoron.
Duration of sauna reservation is 90 min. You may reserve one slot per day.
Aikuinen / Adults 15 €
Opiskelija, eläkeläinen, työtön / Students, pensioners, unemployed  12 €
Seitsemän kerran sarjalippu / Seven-entry ticket 70 €

Vahvista / Confirm

K U U N T E L U H U O N E / L I S T E N I N G  R O O M


L Ü T J O H A N N :

T H I N G S  T H A T  C O N T A I N

14.7– 15.8.2021

Wed–Sun 16–21

All the stacking and piling, and stocking and storing, all the lifting and carrying, the moving and shipping and handling. All the containers of equipment, pieces of material and boxes of things essential. All the pollution and waste. At once enabling and burdening, the objects at the center of these endless logistics are both making our lives possible and weighing us down.

The exhibition touches on our daily handling of space and things, and what we make of them. At Kulttuurisauna these routines materialize in an installation of wooden boxes for equipment. The containers have been shaped to hold objects that are either worth having, unavoidable or a burden to preserve.

The works in the exhibition are made with hand tools and pre-industrial methods, from industrially produced wood materials. The ecologically unsustainable origins of the factory-made plywood and laminated boards reveal themselves in the materials’ residual tensions.

Jan Lütjohann (*1987, Kiel) is a sculptor and educator from northern Germany who lives and works in Helsinki. His sculptures and installations take the shape of tools, equipment and workspaces. He uses pre-industrial tools and obsolete technology to contemplate on working with hands in a post-industrial society.

The artist’s work towards the exhibition has been supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Svenska Kulturfonden and Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Uusimaa Regional Council of the Arts.

A limited number of people can be admitted to visit the exhibition at once. Check in at reception of the sauna when you arrive, and you will be instructed and guided from there to the Listening Room.

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⚠️ Poikkeusaukioloista ilmoitetaan tällä sivulla.

Unusual closures and opening times are announced on this page. 

😀 Tule saunaan vain terveenä.

Come to have sauna only when you are healthy and well. 

❤️ Tule yksin.

Please come alone.

💧 Suosittelemme tuomaan oman pyyhkeen, laudeliinan ja vesipullon (ei lasipulloja).

We recommend to bring your own towel, sitting towel and water bottle (no glass bottles allowed).

🙏 Muista turvavälit ja hiljaisuus jos olet kylpemässä ilman maskia. Huolehdi käsi- ja yskimishygieniasta.

Practice safe distancing, and remember silence policy if bathing without mask. Please take care of your hand and cough hygiene.

💳 Maksa kortilla, käytä lähimaksua, suosi sarjalippua. Emme vastaanota käteistä rahaa.

Pay with card, use contactless, get a multiple entry ticket. No cash accepted. 🔇 Vältä keskustelua sisätiloissa aerosolien vähentämiseksi, – näin vaalit myös saunarauhaa. Puku- ja suihkutiloissa sekä löylyhuoneessa H I L J A I S U U S. Suosittelemme sisäpihaa keskustelupaikaksi.

Minimise talking indoors to reduce aerosols. S I L E N C E in changing rooms, showers and in the sauna proper – the Atrium is fit for discussions. 

🚘 Lähimmät parkkipaikat autoille Hakaniemen sillan kupeessa.

Nearest parking next to Hakaniemi bridge.